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Wire - Chairs Missing (Special Edition)

Pink Flag - Chairs Missing

Fabulous 3 CD collection of Wire's 2nd album. (No booklet images except front and back as I'll break the book to do scans)

Disc 1 (original album)
Practice Makes Perfect French Film Blurred Another The Letter Men 2nd Marooned Sand In My Joints Being Sucked In Again Heartbeat Mercy Outdoor Miner I Am The Fly I Feel Mysterious Today From The Nursery Used To Too Late

Disc 2 (singles, B-sides and studio recordings)
I Am The Fly (single version) Dot Dash Options R Outdoor Miner (single version) Practice Makes Perfect (single version) Underwater Experiences (Advision version)

Disc 3 (studio demos)
Fourth demo sessions: Practice Makes Perfect Oh No Not So Culture Vultures It’s The Motive Love Ain’t Polite French Film Blurred (version 1) 07 Sand In My Joints Too Late I Am The Fly Heartbeat Underwater Experiences Stalemate I Feel Mysterious Today
Fifth demo sessions: Dot Dash French Film Blurred (version 2) Options R Finistaire (Mercy) Marooned From The Nursery Indirect Enquiries (version 1) Outdoor Miner Chairs Missing (Used To) Being Sucked In Again Men 2nd Another The Letter No Romans


Wire - 2018 - Chairs Missing (Special Edition) [FLAC]